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The Dominican Republic is a fertile and desirable place for travelers, occupying the eastern part of the territory of the island of Haiti.

It has its own capital, Santo Domingo, as well as numerous other cities such as Santiago, Ciudad Trujillo and Punta Cana.

At the intersection of four major climatic regions, the Dominican Republic offers a wide diversity of natural resources.

The oldest European settlement in the territory of the Dominican Republic was founded in 1509, under the name Santo Domingo.

The name is derived from the Dominican and Aztec god, Domingo, who is venerated in ancient Mexico.

As such, the name was applied by the Spaniards who colonized the island, as they were astounded by the number of precious stones and metals found in the area.

Balangan Beach is easily reached from Kuta, with many local hotels offering a handy shuttle service. It’s also just a kilometre away from another Balinese beach icon: Dreamland. When you arrive, refresh yourself with ice cream and/or ice-cold beer from one of the beachside warungs. 

During high season, Balangan is packed with tourists and children begging for tips. Its view of the ocean makes for a picturesque ocean swim, but beware of jellyfish!

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